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Whenever I am about to head for some new adventure, I am thoroughly planning my travel outfits. It’s not only for the sake of nice looks in the vacation pictures, but also in terms of bringing as less luggage as possible. Pulling around a heavy bag is the least you want to do when arriving in a hot country.
This time we flew to Spain to spend a couple of warm sunny weeks at the seaside. We only had one bag on our disposal, so I tried my best to get as less clothes as possible and used an old trick of bringing scarves as accessories that easily brightened the looks and occupies almost no space in our suitcase.
Here are the couple of looks that I wore at Costa Daurada.

scarf hair accessory. hairstyles with the scarf, scarf hairstyles, boho hair, boho hairstyle

The first one I wore on our trip to Tarragona. We had no particular plan, so we just caught a train and headed there to see the city. It was a cloudy day, but as long as we would walk a lot, I put on comfortable shoes and a white shirt with the long sleeves in order not to get sunburnt in case the sun came out anyway. To brighten up the monochrome combo I added a printed scarf which I wore as an accessory in my head.

monochrome look, black and white outfit, white shirt summer look, printed scarf head band, scarf accessory loook

monochrome summer outfit, black and white look, summer vacation outfit, travel outfit

The second outfit was perfect for an evening stroll just before a proper Spanish dinner that might last till the morning light. In this case we need a spacious dress that is open enough to feel comfortable in the summer heat, yet wide enough to make some room for a huge portion of paella in your tummy. The print on the dress matches the one on the scarf that emphasizes the natural curls my hair gets whenever I leave Latvia.

printed dress, mini summer dress

printed mini dress, scarf hair accessory, summer travel outfit

I am wearing:
Look #one: River Island shorts, Converse trainers, River Island shirt, Kachorovska backpack
Look #two: Mango dress, Oasis sandals


For more vacation travel outfit inspiration head to my Greek post here

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