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While picking up my weekend outfit and packing things, I realised that this is one of my favourite routines. I’ve never pretended that leaving Riga (at least for a while) is not giving me chills and doesn’t lift my spirits 🙂

This time we’ll try to chase summer and travel to a warm and sunny place to feel the salty water on our skin and traditionally get sunburnt in a wink of an eye. What is more, my husband has a plan to put on some weight. It wasn’t my aim, though as it usually turns out, the winner in this case is always me.

weekend outfit, nude outfit, beige look, bleached jeans


Meanwhile, I have popped into the blog to share one of my latest outfits for Latvian August. We do not have that much warmth anymore. Yet from time to time we enjoy sunshine, which is good.
For one of the weekends by the river I’ve used a layering trick, so that I could transform the look into a lighter one in case summer is back all of a sudden.

weekend outfit, summer jsweater, beige jumper, nude jumper

I am wearing a neutral palette with a beige cozy jumper, light bleached jeans, white basic t-shirt and white-off sneakers. In order to add some oomph, I’ve put on a couple of lush accessories and a leather bag.

white converse, white off converse trainers,

I am wearing: Monki jumper, white Converse trainers, Michael Kors bag, Asos t-shirt, Zara jeans.

If you are looking for more summer weekend outfit ideas, check out my one dress – two looks post. 🙂 See you in September!

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